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The Gaden Shartse Monks

Sacred Earth and Healing Arts:
The Gaden Shartse Monks

Gaden Shartse Tibetan Buddhist Monastery is a registered non-profit educational center in South India. While the 2500 monks support themselves through farming, additional resources are needed to care for the old and sick and to provide basic necessities for the growing numbers who wish to study and practice at the monastery. To help raise funds and promote awareness of Buddhadharma in the world, eight Gaden Shartse monks led by Jinpa Rinpoche are touring various cities in the US this year.

From April 15 - 23, Jinpa Rinpoche and the monks will offer lectures, empowerments, chanting, sacred dance, healings, and more in the Cleveland area..

For information about the events below or to schedule a house blessing, business blessing or private healing with the monks, contact Bill or Susie at xlucent@zoominternet.net or by phone at (330) 722-7770 before 9:00 PM.


Friday, April 15 – Jewel Heart Cleveland ( 2670 W14th Street, Cleveland, OH)
7:00 pm - Potluck supper at Jewel Heart. Bring a covered dish to
Jewel Heart and help us welcome Jinpa Rinpoche and the Gaden
Shartse monks to Cleveland..

Saturday, April 16 - Nakaia Wellness Center (3984 Kent Rd. Stow, OH)
1:00 - 2:00 pm - Lecture: The Four Noble Truths. Suffering, the
Causes of Suffering, the End of Suffering, and the Path to Freedom
Meditations on Patience and Compassion. (Suggested Donation: $10)

4:00 - 6:00 pm - Amitayas Empowerment. Amitayas is the Buddha of Long Life,
one of the main deities used by both Tibetan Yogis/ Yoginis and lay practitioners in
the practice of requesting a long and healthy life. This empowerment is meant to establish
a close relationship between the recipient and the diety. (Suggested Donation: $20)

7:00 - 9:00 pm - Music and Dance Performance. A two hour presentation of
traditional Tibetan music and dance. The program includes The Black Hat Dance,
Yak Dance, Dakini Dance, Kangso (The Ritual of Fullfillment) , Choed
(The Ritual of Stopping Ignorance) and a demonstration of Tibetan Dialectical Debate.
(Suggested Donation: $10)

Sunday, April 17 –Green Tara Yoga and Healing Arts (1488 Maple Rd., Cleveland Heights, OH)
3:00 - 5:00 pm – WhiteTara Empowerment. Known particularly for her swiftness in
fulfilling the long‑life wishes of the practitioner, White Tara is looked to for
happiness and inspiration through the mantra OM TARE TUTARE TORE SOHA.
The White Tara empowerment is meant to establish a close relationship between
the recipient and the deity. (Suggested Donation: $20)

Tuesday April 19 - Jewel Heart Cleveland ( 2670 W14th Street, Cleveland, OH)
7:00 - 8:30 pm - Sand Painting Demonstration. Many of you may have seen Tibetan
monks creating mandalas of incredible beauty using only colored sand. Join us as the
monks explain the techniques behind this ancient art and even try your hand at creating
simple sand designs. (Suggested Donation: $10)

Wednesday April 20 - Ashtabula, OH
Noon - 2:00PM - Kent State University - Ashtabula
Health from the Tibetan Perspective & The Unity of All Religions
From the Tibetan perspective, health and well-being
as well as sickness and dis-ease all originate in the mind rather than the body.
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