Tusti (afka) wrote in sgyoga,

Satsang December 19th, Note from Kalindi...

Dear Sacred Grounders,

Just a quick reminder about this Sunday's Satsang at the hall. Donations welcome at the door, recommended $10.00 and good food as usual. Rick will lead us in a Yoga Nidra experience around our intention for the future of SGYoga; also .......

We are in the last week for our canned food drive so please remember the less fortunate and bring several of those cans with you to class this week and to Satsang. If someone would like to volunteer to deliver the goodies to BACM next Monday or Tuesday please let me know this week.

TIP: Here is a great hand mudra to strengthen your resistance against colds, coughs and chest infections this winter. Place both palms together and interlace your fingers. One thumb should remain upright, encircle it with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Do as needed or 3 times a day for 15 minutes. See if it works!

Have a great week and watch for ice! Kalindi
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