Tusti (afka) wrote in sgyoga,

PARTY tea PARTY amazon herb PARTY saturday, jan 28 6-830 or until tea stops flowing...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to our tea party and bring friends friends friends...please pass this around to friends, bring friends and share with people you think would be interested in herbs

Saturday January 29th
6-830pm or until the tea stops flowing...


74 East Youtz Avenue
Akron, OH (Firestone Park)44301
call me (patricia/afka)
if you need directions or get lost or have any questions (about the tea party of course there are some questions i just can't answer)

profound healing with WILD HARVESTED BOTANICALS

Amazon Herbs: Experience the Profound and Healing Magic of wild harvested botanicals from the virgin soil of the Amazon Rainforest. (jam packed with PRANA) These herbs are ceremonially harvested by the indigenous people and they deliver life enhancing elements vital for optimal living. Cleanse, Nourish and Balance the Body (just in time for the NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW YEAR :) with the highest quality phytonutrients available. 10% of all monies are returned to preserve the sacred rainforest.

Amazon Tea Party (we are going to have fun fun fun)
Gather at our house for an enchanted evening of Delicious Shipibo Tea from the Rainforest and share in the wealth of knowledge and opportunity through the Amazon Herb Company. Scrumptious Kavazon Cocktails also served along with snacks and fun stuff...

There will be many amazing and beautiful people there...hope you are one of them :)

the tea must flow...teahe
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