primalfire (primalfire) wrote in sgyoga,

Two Essays .. Consciousness and More

Witness is Conscious Action
Witness awareness, meditative awareness, conscious observation, conscious sight, witness mode of being, conscious awareness; these words are attempts to identify the Self which observes, not the mind which watches. To rephrase, witness conscious awareness is a mode of being in which the observation of the observer who watches the world occurs.

Polarity and Alignment With Universal Energies
The universe wants exactly what we want for ourselves. When we start following the laws of the universe, then we have the power of the universe behind each of our actions for fulfillment of our purpose.

Please, if you wish to converse with me about these articles, do so by posting comments in the article itself, and not through this link. The comments received from readers are very insightful, and tend to be of benefit to other readers. When the comments and dialogues are scattered, then your intuitive input may be lost in the shuffle.
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