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massage, yoga class, gurudev

does anyone want a massage soon?
not this weekend but next weekend because i don't have any exams to study for
call me to set an appointment up :)
my fees are quite reseaonable and i am willing to do exchange :)

and if you are free tomorrow night please try to make it to my yoga class
by the way...

in two weeks gurudev is going to be in town for a yoga nidra retreat
and he'll be giving a public lecture for $20 on Friday August 12 from 6-9pm
so my class will be cancelled that week
but that is wonderful in a way because then everyone can come and meet an amazing yogi
this will be his last visit to ohio so i encourage you even if you never come to my yoga class to come and meet living yoga master
i've had some beautiful experiences in his presence
he is an excellent guide and teacher and quite knowledgeable
we'll probably do some chanting, some meditation, some lecture, some sharing/questions and who knows what else...if we are lucky perhaps we will have a sample of a yoga nidra experience :)

i'm realy sad that gurudev will not be coming around to this area again
but he is getting older like all of us
so again i really really encourage you to see him this one time just to have the experience
and if you have been looking for a retreat of sorts to experience in the local area
this is your opportunity with several options of attending:

5 days Aug 12-16 $475
Weekend Only Aug 12, 13, 14 $195
One Day (You pick the day) $100
Friday only $20 (just an evening session 6-9)

The event will be held at this location:
Lake Anna Hall
541 W. Park Avenue
Barberton, OH 44203

one of the best things about yoga nidra is you don't have to do any yoga poses
you just lay there in deep relaxation
so those of you that are not the yoga nerds but want to work on yourself in a very real and deep way, consider doing this retreat...

here's a little blurb if it is helpful :)
"Renowned Yoga Master, Yogi Amrit Desai will guide participants in this ancient yogic technique that is simple to practice but profound in impact.

Create intention for your life

Explore the healing power within

Rejuvenate your health

Release old habits and patterns

Enjoy new freedom, joy and spontaneity

Yoga Nidra is the unique combination of alert awareness and deepest relaxation. It takes you to the alpha and theta states of consciousness. In these deep states, the mystical integrative powers are released. This is the center where visions become reality, giving you access to the extraordinary powers of your own intuition, creativity, health and abundance.

Modern science is now recognizing the powerful healing impact of the pineal gland. As we age, this tiny gland buried inside the brain decreasingly produces the hormone, melatonin. For millennia, yogis have known this hormone as amrita, the nectar of immortality. Reactivation of the pineal gland is both rejuvenating and restorative. This practice is central to both Yoga Nidra and the Amrit Yoga Asana Sequence for its powers of transformation and healing.

Melatonin is a powerful agent in helping to:

Retard premature aging
Boost the immune system
Eliminate stress
Induce more restful sleep
Reduce high blood pressure
Recharge and balance the chakra system
Yoga Nidra initiates shifts from the deepest core of your being, providing you with powerful tools to banish self-destructive unconscious fears, beliefs and habits. It can be used as a powerful tool to erase old unconscious karmic patterns. Yoga Nidra can help you reshape your whole life, rebuild your health, your love life, family life and professional life.

Join us. . . Immerse yourself in a five-day program
that can last you a lifetime!"

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